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Thursday, June 13, 2002
MyDearDiary.com -- CHURCHorCULT's Personal Diary

This guy is resurrecting his webpage, which I found while searching the web for more information on the ICC...his story regarding how he came into and got out of the Los Angeles Church of Christ is very interesting.

today's Bekah treat:

Second day in a row nightmares:
just now a plane crash down the street, being accosted by a young man who was burned in the arm, running, yelling, Call 911! Call 911! A plane crashed at the corner!

Second day in a row a university is the setting:
Going home with Rory. by foot. We went through a park and Rory was tagging along behind me or hurrying up in front of me. A young boy was playing in a playground and we struck up a conversation. in no time at all this really cute little boy had expressed his racist hatreds, which could only have been learned at home. he talked about one group or another with less than flattering epithets, dropped the "n" word...i said ooh you said the "n" word as i was leaving the park Two young women walking through over heard me telling him bigotry no good or something, and i think i said how we going to get better. One of the girls said something about the kids' over bearing casual hate..."he said the "n" word?" and I said yes, he said the n word.

then i woke up sorta. blur in my eyes that want to close, and there's more. for instance another party! what's with the parties in dreams? this morning joyce was there. but i cannot go on, i must go on and dream further....

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